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What is RM Coach?

RM Coach is an innovative, online coaching platform, hosting an extensive library of training drills, sessions, coaching tools and educational resources tailored for coaches at all levels of their career, from grassroots to elite.

Step-by-step animation

Each drill offers an easy step-by-step visual, designed to maximise a coach’s understanding.

Tailored for your Teams

Setup your team including age, gender, team size and appearance, to personalise your experience and display only relevant content and education. This includes dynamically calculating what you require for each drill/session – so you’re always prepared.

Explore a library of drills

Search and filter through an extensive library of drills that are inline with the AFL curriculum, and the strategies and phases within the game.

Understand why, not just how

Education to assist coaches in understanding the intent behind a drill/session – not just how to run it. Education is also accompanied by tools, such as coaching points, so coaches always know what to say.

Setup your training sessions

Create training sessions from scratch, or from a themed template, and run them effortlessly